We all know humans are imperfect. We’re subject to biases in addition to stereotypes, in addition to when these come into play inside the criminal justice system, the most disadvantaged communities end up suffering. This kind of’s easy to imagine that will there’s a better way, that will one day we’ll find a tool that will can make neutral, dispassionate decisions about policing in addition to punishment.

Some think that will day has already arrived.

Around the country, police departments in addition to courtrooms are turning to artificial intelligence algorithms to help them decide everything coming from where to deploy police officers to whether to Discharge defendants on bail.

Supporters believe that will the technology will lead to increased objectivity, ultimately creating safer communities. Others however, say that will the data fed into these algorithms is usually encoded with human bias, meaning the tech will simply reinforce historical disparities.

Learn more about the ways in which communities, policemen in addition to judges across the U.S. are using these algorithms to make decisions about public safety in addition to people’s lives.