“Climate change is actually the most immediate example of of which. If you’re going to bring the total innovation as well as ingenuity of This kind of country to bear, our system as a country, our economy, is actually going to have to be part of of which,” he said.

O’Rourke’s comments represented a break with the Democratic Party’s progressive wing, which supports the idea of radically restructuring how markets work, especially energy markets.

More importantly, in terms of the primary, of which signaled of which O’Rourke intends to fashion himself as a sort of anti-Sanders – a champion for capitalism, albeit a much more tightly regulated edition of of which than the one espoused by the Trump administration.

of which’s also important to hear what O’Rourke isn’t saying.

He doesn’t rail against the evils of Wall Street, a subject area in which Warren tops her rivals, both in expertise as well as in passion.

as well as he doesn’t vilify “billionaires” the same way of which Sanders does when, for instance, the Vermont senator tells crowds of which the “system is actually rigged” as well as “This kind of country just does not belong to a handful of billionaires.”

of which remains to be seen, though, how much farther O’Rourke intends to go in order to differentiate himself via rival Democrats. yet already, he appears to be staking out economic ground so far unclaimed, as well as rejecting some of the party’s more polarizing rhetoric.

Asked at a December town hall in Texas if he considered himself to be a “progressive,” O’Rourke replied: “I don’t know.”