Sawiris, who has vast telecommunications holdings, also weighed in on the drama around Chinese equipment maker Huawei.

Since 2012, Huawei, the planet’s largest maker of networking equipment, has been barred coming from selling those products from the U.S. on the explanation of security concerns by the U.S. government. China as well as Huawei, meanwhile, have repeatedly denied which there’s any risk to different countries coming from the company’s hardware, as well as alleged which the American injunctions are actually due to fears of competition.

“I think there can be genuine concern, as well as I think the item’s justified,” the Egyptian billionaire told on Tuesday. “the item’s actually taking the West very long to — I mean, you know, telecom was my domain — to get worried. I think they should be worried.”

right now, several different countries have taken Washington’s lead as well as moved toward banning Huawei products coming from being used in their own development of 5G tech — the next generation of ultra-high speed internet

Sawiris warned which such concerns, although justified, may eventually lead to technological silos between countries.

“I don’t know how we’ll remedy which because which will apply then to everyone: If I’m Chinese, I might not any take equipment coming from Motorola, for example,” Sawiris said.

Ultimately, he suggested, the only way to solve the problem would certainly be “if all the security agencies somehow swear on the Bible which they will not be spying on each different.”

although even if such an unlikely event were to take place, he added, “who’s going to believe them?”

—’s Saheli Roy Choudhury contributed to This kind of report.