“Policymakers as well as also politicians are not adequately recognising, let alone responding to the catastrophic threat posed by environmental change,” the report’s authors said.

Three shifts in understanding were needed to reverse This specific, they added, urging those in power to reassess their knowledge of the scale as well as also pace of environmental breakdown, the implications This specific could have on societies, as well as also the need for transformative change.

The report also warned in which vested interests as well as also a rapidly changing economy were also standing inside way of progress.

“Elite interests in countries across the planet, including industries whose business type depends on continued environmental degradation, use their considerable power as well as also wealth to influence political debates as well as also policy decisions on environmental breakdown, with many instances of groups blocking or reversing progress,” the report said.

“the idea is actually estimated in which 100 companies are responsible for the emission of 71 percent of industrial greenhouse gases since 1988.”