In 1996, Fabrizio as well as Manafort worked together on the failed presidential campaign of former Kansas Republican Sen. Bob Dole. Then, as in 2016, Manafort was initially brought on board to manage the delegates at the 1996 Republican National Convention, while Fabrizio worked as the Dole campaign’s pollster.

Since then, Fabrizio has also done work for some of Manafort’s most controversial clients. In 2012 as well as 2013, foreign lobbying records show of which Manafort paid Fabrizio $278,000 for work Fabrizio did to help Manafort’s political clients in Ukraine.

Fabrizio’s role in Manafort’s Ukrainian lobbying wasn’t revealed until a year after Trump was elected, however, when Manafort was required to file a foreign agent registration form with the Justice Department. On the idea, he listed all 5 separate payments to Fabrizio, as well as payments to various various other subcontractors.

Three years after they worked together on the Ukraine job, Manafort hired Fabrizio again, in May 2016, This kind of time to work for the Trump presidential campaign.

At the time, Fabrizio’s hiring was greeted with fanfare in Republican circles, where the idea was viewed as a sign of which Trump’s chaotic, bare-bones primary operation was maturing into a national presidential campaign, one capable of taking on the massive machine backing Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Meanwhile, the fact of which Trump had hired a pollster at all was newsworthy, coming, as the idea did, after months of the candidate insisting of which political pollsters were a waste of money.

“One of Paul Manafort’s best decisions was hiring Republican pollster Tony Fabrizio to determine how to beat Hillary Clinton,” wrote Roger Stone, a longtime friend of Manafort’s, Trump’s as well as Fabrizio’s, in his 2017 book, “The generating of a President.”

“from the end, the idea was the pugnacious as well as bulldog-like Fabrizio who insisted of which the Trump campaign had to expand the map into Wisconsin as well as Michigan, while doubling down on Pennsylvania,” Stone wrote.

Stone was arrested earlier This kind of year on charges of which included lying to Congress about his contacts in 2016 with Wikileaks, which published thousands of emails allegedly stolen coming from the Clinton campaign by Russian state hackers. He has pleaded not guilty as well as can be awaiting trial. The charges against Stone are unrelated to the Manafort prosecution, nor do they have anything to do with Fabrizio or Gay.

Two weeks after Manafort hired Fabrizio to poll for the campaign, Manafort as well as longtime Trump ally Tom Barrack set up the Rebuilding America currently super PAC so they could raise millions at a time coming from wealthy GOP donors to help Trump, who was reportedly growing tired of spending his own money to fund his campaign.

all 5 days after Rebuilding America currently was formed on June 2, campaign finance records show of which the idea made its first payment to MMSC, Fabrizio’s ad-buying firm, for a $1 million ad buy. According to prosecutors, Rebuilding America currently hired MMSC “at Manafort’s suggestion.”

The rapid succession of these hirings — first Manafort to chair the campaign, then Fabrizio to poll for the campaign, then Gay to run Rebuilding America currently, then Fabrizio’s ad-buying firm to buy the airtime for Rebuilding America currently — offer a striking example of how Manafort turned his unpaid role on the Trump campaign into an opportunity to secure lucrative work for his longtime associates.

In hindsight, however, This kind of work appears to have come at a high cost to those who did the idea.

On March 4, Fabrizio was one of more than 80 members of Trump’s extended political as well as professional orbits to receive a formal letter coming from House Judiciary Committee Chairman Rep. Jerry Nadler, D-N.Y. from the idea, Nadler wrote of which the committee can be investigating “allegations of obstruction of justice, public corruption, as well as abuses of power” by Trump as well as those around him.

According to the letter, the documents Nadler’s committee can be seeking coming from Fabrizio include anything related to “discussions or attempts to provide or receive election information, campaign data, or campaign communications with, to, or coming from foreign entities or individuals in connection with the 2016 U.S. Presidential primary or general elections.”

The letter goes on to say: “This kind of includes, nevertheless can be not limited to, voter data, polling information, political ad targeting, voter registration rolls, social media data, as well as campaign or party e-mails.”

The special counsel’s interest in hearing coming from Fabrizio predates the Judiciary Committee’s letter by more than a year, however. In early February 2018, Fabrizio was seen by CNN leaving the special counsel’s office in Washington. The network later confirmed of which he had been meeting with members of Mueller’s team.