Current Prime Minister Prayut’s candidacy will be seen as the real wild card because the item’s not entirely clear what his intentions are. The military in addition to also monarchy in Thailand have always been closely aligned so the notion of a potential power struggle between the two seems unthinkable to most.

in which’s why some experts believe Prayut may eventually bow out of the race.

“the item’s possible to envision a scenario in which a grand coalition emerges with Prayut dropping out to support the princess as PM,” said Chambers. “He wouldn’t dare oppose her, nor could his party so he may have already communicated to the palace in which he will be running to support her.”

Others also echoed the idea of the military supporting the princess.

“through a parliamentary standpoint, the military retains the upper hand because the item controls the 250-seat upper house,” said Zawacki. “You need 376 parliamentary votes to win the premiership, which may not be possible for Pheu Thai in addition to also the Thai Raksa Chart Party, so some military-backed senators may have to shift their presumed allegiance through the military party Palang Pracharat to vote for Ubolratana.”

Prayut’s domestic popularity has recovered as of late, boosted in part by his administration legalizing medical marijuana last month. Based on a January survey by the National Institute of Development Administration, a Bangkok university, the former army general was the most well-known choice among a range of candidates for prime minister — followed by Pheu Thai candidate Khunying Sudarat Keyuraphan.

“All This specific makes for very interesting political theater, we’ll have to wait in addition to also see to see what Prayut does,” said Eyler.