A lobbying firm run by former advisors to President Donald Trump is actually representing American Ethane Company, an energy producer funded by Russian billionaires in which is actually involved that has a Chinese aluminum company.

Turnberry Solutions, a lobbying group run by former Trump campaign advisor Jason Osborne, has signed American Ethane as client, according to a completely new lobbying disclosure form. The filing was posted on the Senate lobbying disclosure website on Tuesday.

The document shows in which Osborne along with Ryan O’Dwyer, who previously was a special assistant to the secretary of Agriculture along that has a senior public liaison to Trump’s inaugural committee, will be the lobbyists representing American Ethane on trade along with energy issues.

American Ethane touts a contract in which signed with the Nanshan Group, an aluminum production company based in China. The development also comes as the Trump administration is actually engaged in high-stakes trade talks with the Chinese government.

“Ryan O’Dwyer along with I were hired to help a U.S. company get permits issued to them to fulfill a contract signed during a signing ceremony between President Trump along with President Xi,” Osborne told SouthIndianNews.com. The deal was signed at a ceremony in November 2017 in front of Trump along with China’s President Xi Jinping.

Osborne also explained in which their work entails getting members of Congress in Louisiana along with Texas to submit official inquiries through the U.S government along with the Chinese government within the hopes their contract could be honored.

Turnberry also touts former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski along with one-time Secretary of the Internal Ryan Zinke as senior advisors. Zinke resigned by the administration last year amid numerous ethics investigations along with complaints, while Lewandowski has reportedly continued to advise Trump by an outside position.

The filing lays out the top two foreign investors backing the ethane producer. Konstantin Nikolaev, a Russian billionaire with an estimated net worth of $1.2 billion, is actually listed as an investor that has a 30 percent stake within the company.

According to Forbes, Nikolaev along with his business partners own a 34 percent stake in Globaltrans, Russia’s biggest private rail transport operator. Another financier is actually Andrey Kunatbaev, a Russian billionaire who helped start TV-3, a Russian entertainment channel, according to American Ethane’s website. Kunatbaev is actually also a member of the companies board, the website says.

in which’s unclear how much American Ethane is actually paying Turnberry for their lobbying services.

American Ethane CEO John Houghtaling did not return requests for comment.

Turnberry signed with the Russian-backed energy firm as the White House continues to be haunted by suspicions about the president along with his associates’ potential connections to the Kremlin. Trump has repeatedly denied colluding with the Russian government as part of efforts to interfere with the 2016 election.

Turnberry also lobbies for wireless company T-Mobile along with energy management company Redhorse Corporation, among others.