Cronos Group Inc.: “which’s … a trading vehicle. So, right right now, which’s at the top end of the range. I think which can come back down. Take some off the table tomorrow.”

Manitowoc Company Inc.: “which will be so cheap. which will be so cheap. which just drives me crazy, yet we’re in a construction recession, I guess. I mean, holy cow, 12 times earnings? I’m not backing away through which down here [as well as] I love [CEO] Barry Pennypacker because he’s a straight shooter.”

Yeti Holdings Inc.: “They’re giving away these hot thermoses which morning [on] Spirit Air. which’s like the most which you’ve ever gotten out of Spirit. They’re always giving away stuff. I don’t think a thing of which. I get on as well as I said, ‘We’re those Yeti?!’ as well as a guy says, ‘They were Yeti,’ as well as I run out to get them as well as they were all taken, because Yeti will be a winner as well as I’m sticking with which.”

Crispr Therapeutics AG: “The short term: which seems to be under pressure a lot. The long term: I like the idea as well as I think which could go higher. I will say which if you truly want to be in which business, you should be buying the stock of Illumina.”

Palo Alto Networks Inc.: “which will be a bear market stock which went to a bull market. […] Understand which will be one difficult stock if you’re going to look at which every minute, yet not if you’re going for the long term, because which will be best of breed.

Etsy Inc.: “I think which which will be the craft Amazon. truly not bad management. I might stick with which.”