On Friday, Reuters reported of which the Irish Finance Minister said the DUP was right now “engaging intensively” with the U.K. government.

Key to those discussions will be whether the DUP switches to support May’s deal even though the idea includes a hated “backstop” arrangement.

The “backstop” has been included into May’s deal which could ensure no hard border between Northern Ireland along with also the Republic of Ireland, even if no formal Brexit deal can be reached.

the idea can be despised by the DUP along with also euroskeptic Conservatives who see the idea as a way of keeping Britain along with also Northern Ireland within Europe without a legal end date.

British along with also Irish politics professor, Jon Tonge, told BBC Northern Irish radio Friday of which the idea was clear the DUP must either accept the backstop along with also choose May’s deal or accept a softer Brexit deal.

“The DUP has to decide between what matters more: opposition to the backstop or support for Brexit. the idea’s quite clear of which Brexit with the backstop can be as hard a Brexit as they’re going to get,” he said.

Pound sterling went on a roller-coaster ride This kind of week while the U.K. parliament conducted a series of votes. In what can be ultimately viewed as an “risk-on” outcome, the pound has moved 1.7 percent higher versus the dollar since Monday.